Good nutrition is healing 14-year-old Aasma.

Story of how the right kind of nutrition & support is saving a life.

14-year-old Aasma Devi came from Luhara, Madhya Pradesh, to AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi after being diagnosed with Pelvic Ewing’s Sarcoma – a common malignant bone tumour of the pelvis in children and adolescents. Aasma comes from a family of farmers, and she is especially fond of her younger brother and cousins, who double up as her closest friends. Before her diagnosis, Aasma was studying in the local school and wanted to be a teacher. Her condition put a pause on her studies and her fun time with siblings. “I haven’t seen my siblings in over 14 months, and I miss hugging them,” says Aasma, who is currently in Delhi with her parents.

Aasma’s parents were taken aback by the diagnosis and felt unprepared. They say, “We didn’t know how much and what all Aasma could eat. When we had our consultation with the dietitian ma’am, Aasma understood the importance of nutrition. Aasma regularly follows her diet plan and recommendations now. And if she comes across any doubt, she calls ma’am and gets it solved then and there. We are not worried about her nutrition or intake anymore. She feels amazing after checking her weight and reporting it.”

Thanks to your support, Aasma is on the Supplement and Banana Program, which has helped her deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and grow stronger. Manpreet, our nutritionist at AIIMS, informs, “When I met Aasma, she had trouble drinking milk; she was moderately malnourished. Over the course of her treatment (April 2020 – Jan 2021), she has put on 9.5 kgs, and her height has increased by 3 cm. I am pleased that her grade of nutrition has improved from moderate malnourishment to well-nourished.”

Aasma’s family is still worried about her future but is more hopeful now. Manpreet says, “The family was distraught initially and were unable to take action. So, her uncle decided to bring her to AIIMS, Delhi, for further treatment. He, along with his wife, took complete responsibility for her treatment.” Thanks to you and her family’s support, she has a chance to recover and win back her childhood.

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