Hope trumps over cancer!

A spirited young child is rebuilding his life after cancer.

7-year-old Aadil has successfully defeated the fastest-growing human tumour – Burkitt Lymphoma. This kind of tumour impairs immunity and can be fatal if not treated on time. He was able to do this because you supported him with good and nutritious food at the right time.

Jasmine Begum, Aadil’s mother, is eternally grateful for your support. She says, “Aadil’s diagnosis came as a huge shock. We were confused about what to do because we have never encountered anything like this. The Cuddles Program helped us with much-needed guidance and resources to support Aadil during his treatment. But most of all, it filled us with hope. Now that the disease is behind us, we are looking forward to re-building our lives as a family. It is nice to be with both my children at home after a long time.”

Nivetha, our nutritionist at Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai, adds, “Jasmine is a very inspiring and devoted mother. She gave it everything it took to make sure that she was around Aadil during the treatment. I am glad her hard work paid off.”

Aadil will be visiting Adyar for regular follow-ups, and we wish him the very best in life. He is a spirited child making up for all the lost time with his younger sister back home in Pondicherry. Your generous donation towards the FoodHeals Program has gone a long way in helping Aadil lead a normal life once again.

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