Our Programs

We follow a multi-pronged approach to provide holistic clinical nutrition to a child fighting cancer.

Our Approach

  • We use the Cuddles FoodHeals™ app to assess a child’s grade of malnourishment and medical condition
  • Evaluate his dietary habits and calorie deficiency
  • Plan his diet for speedy recovery and monitor his progress
  • We provide food like eggs, bananas, dry fruits, ghee, milkshake and lassi
  • To reduce treatment dropout by providing a family of 3 with ration supplies for one month
  • Based on the need, nutritional supplements like Pediasure, Pediagold, Threptin Biscuits are provided as well as feeding tubes
  • We serve fresh, nutritionally balanced, calorie appropriate hot meals to every child visiting the hospital OPD for treatment
  • We conduct parent support group meets to educate caregivers about nutrition and hygiene
  • We also help caregivers with coping mechanisms and emotional support through the child’s treatment cycle
  • We provide moms with necessary counsel on cooking nutritionally appropriate meals, helping them with recipes so the child is looked after even after he is discharged and cured
  • We provide research assistance to Doctors on Pediatric Oncology and nutrition
  • We conduct Nutritional Fellowship Programs for our nutritionists
  • We use our field knowledge and insights to better the study and practice of Pediatric Nutrition so more children, mothers and nutritionists can adopt our methods