Our Approach

We work through partnerships with government and charitable cancer hospitals that treat underprivileged children with the highest need for nutrition. Our programs include placing a nutritionist in the hospital and providing customised diet counseling and free food and nutrition to children.

Our Programs

The Cuddles process to tackle malnutrition

  • Identifying a hospital
  • Conducting a recce
  • Assessing need
  • Signing an MoU with the hospital
  • Hiring nutritionists with M.Sc in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Training nutritionists in the specialised field of Pediatric Oncology Nutrition
  • Placing Cuddles Nutritionists at the hospital to work under the guidance of a Senior Pediatric Oncologist
  • Empowering nutritionists with all the equipment they need such as weighing scales, height charts, and feeding tubes
  • Training them to use the Cuddles FoodHeals™ App that helps track a child’s progress through the course of treatment
  • Program roll-out with nutritional counselling, diet plans for children
  • Provision for hot meals, nutritional supplementation and ration baskets
  • Caregiver counselling on home based cooking and kitchen diets
  • Conducting caregiver support group meetings at different stages of a child’s treatment cycle
  • Overall monitoring + management of nutritional advice by a Senior Nutritionist
  • Mapping progress of the children via the FoodHeals™ App and field visits
  • Provision of food aid as per requirement
  • Placing a social worker for aid disbursement as per requirement
  • Quarterly and annual training of nutritionists
  • Impact assessment through the FoodHeals™ App
  • Regular evaluation by senior nutritionists
  • Doctor’s feedback on nutrition’s impact on treatment outcomes