Meet Farhan, Mumbai ka Jaggu

Meet Farhan Shaikh, from the slum areas of Nanded, Maharashtra. This talkative, adorable boy won our hearts right when we met him – he reminded us of Jaggu from Chota Bheem!

Farhan was diagnosed with AML – a type of blood cancer – last year, and was malnourished and underweight when he started chemotherapy. This despite the fact that he loved eating. Cancer can do that to you!

Because Farhan was so badly malnourished and that he came from an extremely impoverished background, we immediately put him on our our ration program. The monthly ration program provides monthly groceries for a family of three. This includes all the basic staples like rice, all types of lentils, wheat flour, oil, ghee, etc. This helped him gain some weight! Farhan’s an absolute superstar. There were times when he had to face tube feeding for two continuous cycles of chemotherapy, but he always handled it with a smile.

Our little Jaggu isn’t a fan of outside foods, as he’s never had an opportunity to taste any of it. But he likes traditional dishes a lot – especially jowar roti. He loved telling us how he would grow up and become “Mumbai ka doctor” and give injections to all our doctors! Today, he is hungry to win against cancer! You can feed Farhan’s hunger for life – and the hunger of 52 other children just like him every month – at the Cuddles Nutrition Centre, KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

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Maithili Chougule, Cuddles Nutritionist,
KEM Hospital, Mumbai

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