It takes a team of angels to move a mountain.

Story of how a Nutritionist goes above and beyond to cure children with cancer.

Rosy Sarkar has been working in the field of paediatric cancer for more than three years now, and she finds what she has learnt on the job is much more valuable than theoretical knowledge. “When I started working with children, I realised that it takes a lot more than expertise in the science of nutrition to save lives. I had a breakdown because I could not bear the suffering of such young children,” says Rosy Sarkar who has been counselling children with cancer at the Saroj Gupta Hospital in Kolkata. It takes a team to move a mountain and Rosy has been lucky to have the support of Cuddles, her friends and family. “The team at Cuddles supported me so I could continue to save as many lives I could,” adds Rosy. We all need sounding boards, and Rosy’s friends also stepped in as best they could. Her friends have often visited the hospital to cheer up children undergoing chemotherapy.

This angelic intervention by her immediate team and her circle of friends reflects well on Anushka Mistri, a 7-year-old girl undergoing treatment for B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, which is the most common type of cancer in children. While Anushka’s immunity and weight are registering a considerable improvement because of the expert guidance and nutritional supplements as part of the Cuddles’ In-meal Program, her spirits are also high because of the healthy interactions she has with Rosy and her friends. They’re her angels helping her become stronger.

“When Anushka was diagnosed with cancer, we were terrified, and we neither had the money or knowledge about such a disease. But with Rosy’s guidance and the intake of a holistic diet, that also includes milkshake, sattu and chikki, Anushka looks and feels much healthier. I advise other parents to trust the process because it has been thought through and has promising results on a child’s health,” says Pranati Mistry, Anushka’s mother. Pranati is a homemaker supported by her husband, who works as a daily wage worker in a garment manufacturing company.

Rosy gives Pranati equal credit for the successful trajectory of Anushka’s treatment. She says, “Pranati is a very determined mother of a very kind child. They are a great team themselves, and that helped me do my job well.”

The angel that is often seen in Anushka’s drawing represents a strong sense of hope and trust that is helping her make a full recovery. Anushka’s parents and Rosy also positively reinforce this belief through their interactions with her. According to her latest diagnosis, Anushka has a high tolerance for chemotherapy, and she might be a cancer survivor in the next 2-4 years. Anushka has always been a winner, she used to hold the first rank every year in school, and she looks forward to going back to her studies.

Rosy is counting on this resilience and hopes that more families approach the cancer crisis positively because it makes the journey easier for everyone. “There have been instances where the mother-in-law has blamed the mother for such a misfortune. This spreads negativity and causes conflict which is not suitable for the overall health and development of the child,” says Rosy. She can’t stress enough on creating the right environment where both the child and the caregiver feel hopeful and strong. Our team of Nutritionists have been going above and beyond their call of duty to make sure kids fight live and thrive. This would not have been possible without your support. You are part of the team that is moving mountains.

So, thank you!

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