There are many things during cancer treatment that can make or break it. While nutrition is a big component here, hygiene comes a close second. But no matter how hygienically a mom has prepared lunch for her child when it’s wrapped in a newspaper or lumped together in an old plastic box, it’s an open invitation for contamination. During the course of treatment in hospitals, away from the comfort of their homes, children often have to make do with eating their meals out of such newspapers or leftover plastic boxes. Being critically low on immunity, children suffering from cancer are especially at risk of infection that can derail their recovery.

That’s why we designed a carry-on Food Storage Kit for parents that helps them store and serve food hygienically to their kids. It includes a steel plate, spoon, glass, flask and a two-tiered lunch box. Steel is easy on cleaning and will survive the course of treatment and after. This set comes in a sturdy cloth bag with pockets to help them carry hospital files and food in one place and is easy for mums and dads alike to lug on long journeys to the hospital. But designing and putting together a kit alone is not enough, we needed a sponsor who could make it available to parents. We’ve found a benevolent sponsor in Hexaware Technologies who has adopted the kit for 200 parents in Wadia Hospital as a pilot exercise.

The kit is given to parents as they sign up for the first time into our nutrition program at the hospitals. They’ve made the kit their own finding new ways to use the set as per their needs. The bag to carry clothes, the flask for warm water, or the lunch box for home-cooked food.

We are actively looking for corporate/individual donors to help us provide this kit to children across all our hospitals. To sponsor the Cuddles Food Storage Kit and protect kids with cancer from further infection write to [email protected]

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