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We marked the start of 2019, by welcoming our 26 nutritionists from all over India to Mumbai for another robust, knowledge enhancing and fun-filled Annual Training Workshop. Our nutritionists touch the lives of every patient they meet, and it is imperative that they are well-trained and well acquainted with their subject. Here are a few highlights from the workshop:

Case Study Presentation
We began our workshop with each nutritionist presenting one of their cases. This helped us understand the working methods used at different hospitals and provided an insight into the challenges others faced. We also used the opportunity to brainstorm possible alternative solutions as well.

Group Sessions
We were honoured to have a host of experts to guide our team through our focus on ‘Advanced Pediatric Oncology Nutrition’. The sessions covered all the practical topics which the nutritionists deal with on a daily basis.

Dr Mamta Manglani, Director of MCGM- Comprehensive Thalassemia Care, was one of our esteemed guests and an expert in the field of haematological diseases. Our nutritionists deal with several haematological diseases on a daily basis, but it was an enriching experience to learn in depth about the haematological diseases like thalassemia, different types of anaemias, etc. The topic was covered comprehensively and our nutritionists made most of the opportunity by asking probing questions.

Micronutrient Requirements in Paediatrics
In pediatrics unlike macronutrients,  the requirements of micronutrient are not that well known. Dr. (Prof) Alka Jadhav, Department of Paediatrics in LTMGH and Sion Hospital gave us an insight into micronutrient requirements in Paediatrics by correlating it with the cases we handle regularly.

Paediatric Parenteral Nutrition – Overview and Planning
Over the years our role in critical conditions has become very evident and at almost all our centres, our nutritionists have to plan both enteral and parenteral diets. Dr. Vibhor Borkar, a Consultant in Paediatric Hepatology and Gastroenterology practicing at Global Hospital and SRCC Children’s Hospital covered topics like calculation of parenteral nutrition requirements and how to step up as well as taper parenteral nutrition which is very crucial for the kids who are not able to take food in any form.

Effective Patient Communication and Counselling
Given that the nature of our work requires more than just a clinical front, we can’t help but form deep emotional connections with our patients. Handling relationships with patients and caregivers requires a lot of sensitivity, and incredible mental and emotional strength. Robin Goel, Change Communication Consultant with DHL in Singapore, gave us tactical tips on making counselling more effective and ways to manage emotions effectively.

Our workshop wasn’t limited to just learning – there were a lot of fun activities conducted by our people ops team fostering new and strengthening old friendships. At the end of the workshop, every nutritionist took back not only new knowledge but a renewed zest and enthusiasm for their work.

Deepika Shinde, Pediatric Onco-nutritionist, Cuddles Foundation, Pune

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