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With Doctors, Nutritionists and a family that loves him, 11-year-old, Ankan,  has a full battalion supporting him in his fight against the big C.

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11-year-old Ankan Mondal came from Haldia, West Bengal, to Dr Saroj Gupta Cancer hospital in Kolkata in September 2019. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (high risk). 

When admitted to the hospital, our Nutritionist, Rosy, recollects that Ankan was severely malnourished. With the treatment and much-needed chemotherapy, it was essential for Ankan to gain the right amount of weight. Rosy had put him on the Cuddles Ration and Supplement program to plan his diet accordingly. With his father working in a factory and mother a homemaker, finances were an issue for the family. That’s why our supplement and ration support were a huge relief for the family.  

Ankan’s first high dose of chemotherapy gave him severe side-effects deteriorating his health. It was Rosy’s responsibility to make sure he didn’t lose weight between treatment cycles. She also had to make sure he stayed cheerful throughout the procedure. It helped that Ankan’s parents understood the importance of a proper diet for their son. They were mindful of his likes and dislikes. Since he wasn’t fond of the hospital food, the monthly ration program was a boon. His mother would prepare nutritious meals based on what he liked to eat. This made him gain enough weight for another round of chemotherapy by April 2020. 

Ankan’s parents are waiting for lockdown restrictions to ease out before bringing him to the hospital for his treatment. During this time, Rosy has been in constant touch with his parents on the phone. With the help of Ankan’s mother, she monitors his weight and diet, preparing him for his treatment. The lockdown has given him time with his younger brother and best friend. Always cheerful and hopeful, he’s looking forward to defeating the big C!

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