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After the collapse of his business due to COVID, the father of 9-year old, Aisha Khatun, reaches out to Cuddles for ration at CMC Vellore hospital, Tamil Nadu.

As Sister Nalini, a Nurse at the Paediatric Oncology department of CMC Vellore was going about her routine rounds in the ward, 38-year old Mohommad Firoz Ahmad approached her. His 9-year old daughter, Aisha Kahtun, is being treated for Bone Tumour at the hospital. A few days ago, Mohommad’s small business had to shut down after the coronavirus-induced lockdown.  

A proud family man, Mohommad, told Sister Nalini that so far he had been able to support his family with his business and was able to take care of Aisha’s treatment and nutrition needs. But COVID forced the closure of his business. With no help from his extended family, a distraught Mohommad reached the hospital to ask for a bundle of ration for Aisha. He said he never thought he would have to depend on free ration supplies to feed Aisha and her siblings. His wife, Sunehri, was also two weeks away from delivering their third child. He broke down, clutching the bundle.

“I will always be grateful for this act of kindness; you’ve helped me when I needed it the most”, says Aisha’s father when we reached out to him.

COVID-19 has had many economic effects. It’s especially impacting those who are also fighting diseases like cancer. Under normal circumstances, Mohammad’s daughter, Aisha, isn’t our ration beneficiary. But these are extraordinary times and, thanks to you, children like her can also depend on us for their nutritional needs.

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