A 14-year-old cancer survivor makes his way to wonderland.

Story of how the gentle Niyas fought cancer with grit.

This is the story of 14-year-old Niyas who fought B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, the most common type of cancer in children, with his sense of humour and love for music. Niyas was admitted to MCC, Thalassery for treatment and was under the supervision of our Nutritionist, Neethu. When he was first admitted to the hospital, he suffered from muscle wasting and was very lean; but his strong will and positive attitude made him grow stronger with time.

“I found Niyas to be extremely active and sensitive to other people’s pain in the ward. Being one of the eldest patients he took it upon himself to interact with the other children and liven their moods,” recalls Neethu. Niyas comes from a family of three – father, mother and younger brother. The hospital setting was new for them, another change that they had to get used to was living in a new home near the hospital so they could be around Niyas. With the help of the Supplement Program and the Ration Kit Program, sponsored by you, his family could overcome these changes and expenses. “I was a little shaken with Niyas’ diagnosis, and I could not work because I wanted to be at the hospital with my son during this time. Cuddles Ration Program helped us immensely during this time. Neethu also made sure that we feel comfortable and confident about Niyas’ recovery. She is like family to us, and we often talk when we are in doubt.”

While the gentle Niyas helped Neethu do her job well, the last stage of chemotherapy was extremely tough on him. “I felt really angry during this phase. I love everyone, but my emotions got the better of me, and I sometimes could not help but vent. During this time Neethu was very patient with me, and she gave me some practical tips to overcome the rage,” says Niyas who is now a cancer survivor.

Niyas is back to his old self, and he continues to use music to heal himself and others. In this photo he is seen performing at a MCC, Thalassery program where he enthralled all the patients and doctors with his singing.

Niyas wishes to go to Wonderland and become a doctor when he grows up. Thanks to your support, both of these wishes have the possibility of becoming a reality in the near future.

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