A 14-year-old boy is bouncing back from cancer.

Story of how a malnourished Ankit makes a steady recovery.

14-year-old Ankit Nangare came from Palghar, a town in the Konkan division of Maharashtra state, to Wadia Hospital in Mumbai after he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia (ALL).

Our Nutritionist, Karishma, at Wadia Hospital recollects that Ankit was severely malnourished when his treatment began. While ration support and chemotherapy was prescribed, it was important for Ankit and his family to take control of the situation and do the right things. “Ankit’s condition was quite bad when he was admitted to the I.C.U. We were told that the survival chances of our child were very low. We were neither prepared for something like this nor did we have the money for his treatment,” says Ankit’s father, Bikhut Nangare who works as a welder. “Thanks to the Supplement Program provided by Cuddles Foundation, we were able to meet Ankit’s nutritional requirements so he could effectively fight infections during his chemotherapy and become stronger. He still can’t walk, but the Lassi and Milkshake is making sure that he puts on weight consistently,” adds Bikhut.

Karishma also gives credit to the counselling that Ankit received in the initial phase so he could have a positive outlook towards his condition. “Ankit was extremely withdrawn when I met him and that was directly affecting his appetite. But I did not give up. While I gradually supplemented his diet with the right nutrients, I also built a rapport with him so he could be comfortable with whatever I prescribed. Over time he started to share his preferences and then we worked on it as a team. That was a turning point in his progress,” says Karishma.

With the support of tube feeding and oral nutrition, Ankit has recovered from infections and wounds caused by the bone marrow extraction. He is now on the maintenance cycle and it will take him almost two years to fully recover from cancer. We hope that Ankit will also be able to walk again with time. He has a chance now, thanks to you.

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