5-month old Samarth’s battle against cancer

It was really hard for 5-month-old Samarth’s parents, Neha and Dinesh Kumar, to believe that their baby boy had cancer. But your unflinching support and our Nutritionist, Pooja’s guidance went a long way for little Samarth.

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Managing childhood cancer can be really difficult, but the complications surge when it happens at such a tender age. 

Neha was perplexed and scared when she realised that 5-month-old Samarth had an abnormal lump on his abdomen. Samarth was diagnosed with Hepatoblastoma, on May 2019 at a cancer facility close to their home, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur. Hepatoblastoma is malignant liver cancer, occurring in infants and children. 

Because of his condition, Samarth was also going through Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). Samarth was just an infant, and he was utterly dependent on breastfeeding. His mom was finding it quite hard to start weaning food because of the lump on his abdomen. 

Samarth’s dad works as a Software Engineer in Jaipur. Samarth also has a twin brother, Siddharth. Fortunately, Siddharth was doing well, but being twins, the parents were always worried that he may have the same condition as Samarth. The doctors at BMCH, Jaipur assured the parents that it wouldn’t be the case.

Samarth, on the other hand, had to undergo chemotherapy and needed the right nutrition so that he could start his treatment.

Pooja, the Cuddles Nutritionist at BMCH, Jaipur, took it as a challenge to bring Samarth from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) to Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) with a proper nutrition plan.

Samarth’s mom actively participated, and she, with Pooja, left no stone unturned for Samarth. 

Pooja encouraged Neha to feed him with formula milk, along with breastfeeding to initiate weaning. 

She also counselled her to start weaning with a small amount of food, which was very beneficial for Samarth.

Pooja conducted regular and hourly monitoring and documented anthropometric measurements to assess Samarth’s progress.

She also helped Samarth’s parents with motivational counselling to lift their spirits and help them approach the situation with a positive attitude. 

Pooja took special efforts to make the mother understand the importance of food, nutrition and personal hygiene. 

When Samarth’s mom started weaning food, Pooja counselled her on making healthy and nutritious food and showed how to incorporate all food groups in the child’s meal.

With the right food and nutrition, Samarth was ready to undergo chemotherapy.

After chemotherapy, the doctors successfully removed the tumour from his liver. 

With everyone’s relentless efforts, Samarth is 1.6 years old now and is on maintenance. His next visit to the hospital will be after six months.

Thanks to supporters like you who are building their immunity to fight cancer, children like Samarth have a chance to grow up, cancer-free.

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